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  • 4 month is our standard term and best rate
  • 3 month lease term - paying 4 months rental but in 3 months
  • 2 month lease term - paying 4 months rental but in 2 months
  • Special dates range needed
  • Which furniture package?
  • Quantity of bedrooms needed?
  • Bed Sizes needed?
  • Additional items needed?
    • TVs, small appliances
  • Housewares package needed?
    • Which package?
    • Setup of housewares needed?
Realizing quick responses are imperative, complete the form below including pertinent lease information and we will get back to you the next business day.  Pertinent lease information being lease term, package(s) needed and delivery location.  Please review our Packages page to get answers to our most common questions before completing the form below. 
We look forward to providing you with the personalized service you deserve from the preferred provider ~ Northeast Furniture Rental. 
Regardless of the situation, our tenured staff have the knowledge to assist with giving an informative quote for your specific need.
  • Lease with management property completed?
  • If towered building, elevator reservation required?
  • Property management allow permission to enter without lessee present?
  • Any special requirements of management company from us before we can deliver?
  • Apartment community
  • Online search
  • Friend 
  • Coworker
  • Fellow Housing Partner
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